PTZ Camera Controller

PTZ Camera Controller

Product Specification

  • CHK-1000 has built-in mainstream protocols such as VISCA, SONY VISCA, PELCO P/D, compatible with any PTZ camera under standard VISCA protocol, and customized SONY VISCA protocol for SONY cameras, supporting SONY SRG series.
  • Support RS422, RS232, RS485, VISCA OVER IP and other interface communication, compatible with various devices and cameras, including SONY/ Panasonic / Lumens/ Datavideo / PTZ Optics / Aida;
  • Can control the camera eight direction movement, super-experience Zoom In/Out & focus experience, showing a different close-up effect for your video.
  • Personalized switching in AE/WE mode to choose the right mode and priority level for your scene.
  • Support Knob manual focus and One-Key Auto Focus or One Push AF
  • Support up to 7 channels of camera shortcut switching, independent of each other, without interference, and supports more than 2 communication modes Working simultaneously
  • Remotely Power ON/OFF the camera by the keyboard and automatically detect the power-on status of PTZ camera
  • Max Support to 255 preset & 255pcs PTZ Cameras
  • Built-in Muilt-Lanaguage, can customizable language menu display
  • OLED Screen display, Easy operation
  • Support remote online Micro USB or Series Port upgrade


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