Imagetech Solution is the proud, authorized partner of Vidyo Inc. in Pakistan.


Vidyo in Pakistan

An industry leader in video collaboration across the globe, Vidyo has made video conferencing highly cost-effective, flexible and easy. It has purged the need of deploying complex network infrastructures and dedicated hardware for multipoint video communication solutions. Now, what all businesses require is the state-of-the-art Vidyo technology and reliable internet connectivity (3G, LTE or 4G) to host lifelike and ultra-HD-powered video conferences and make collaborations and meetings more productive than ever.

We provide end-to-end hosted video conferencing solution to a wide-range of industries including but not limited to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Video Conferences (VC) service providers, and Telecoms, to name a few.
We help encourage such industries to develop, grow and enhance their Video as a Service (Value Added Service - VAS) - Cloud based video conferencing and makes it easily accessible and dynamic to their end users.

We believe in making lasting partnerships and thus go all out in empowering distributors to fulfill their clients’ requirements for enterprise level HD video conferencing using innovative, advance and collaborative Video Conferencing and Personal Telepresence solution. We also offer highly flexible deployment for Corporate-level clients that require dedicated and secure video collaboration infrastructure either on premise or on a dedicated Cloud.


Reliability, performance and scalability - the backbone of seamless, crystal clear high definition video conferencing always depend upon state of the art infrastructure components.

Vidyo infrastructure delivers routing, interoperability solutions, a management system for recording and webcasting solutions. Free from dependency to high cost hardware and connections, Vidyo allows you to connect to your own devices and hardware supporting and prolonging the benefits of use.