Grandstream’s IP video encoder/decoder is a necessary tool for large organizations where both,
IP and analog, systems are required.

IP Video Encoders/Decoders in Pakistan

You want your home or office safe. You brought analog CCTV cameras for security but you don’t find them up to mark. Now, you want IP cameras for the security, but you don’t want to trash your analog cameras. Here, Grandstream IP video encoder and ip video decoder in Pakistan can help you. With video encoder and decoders, you can easily use analog cameras on an IP network. You can now easily convert analog video feeds to IP or IP feeds to analog with Grandstream IP video encoder and IP video decoder in Pakistan.


The Grandstream IP video encoder / IP video decoder includes the powerful and feature-rich GXV3500 encoder and decoder system. So, feel free to check out and read more about the GXV series of encoder and decoder.



GXV3500 is a perfect combination of analog and advance IP videos streaming. The device offers powerful encoding and decoding and public announcement system as well.