The fully-functional and user-friendly NVR comes with powerful features like motion detection,
third-party alarm and security devices integration, IP cameras auto-discovery, and more.

Network Video Recorders in Pakistan

When you install a security surveillance system in your home or office premises, you want them to control through a single control center. Moreover, you also want more features out of it so that you can ensure the maximum security of your office or home for that matter. Grandstream Network Video Recorders in Pakistan provide you with the solutions that can cater to all the problems that keep you from ensuring better surveillance or security.

Grandstream NVR systems can help you record videos of large volume or size. Moreover, it comes with the powerful feature of detecting Grandstream IP cameras through its auto discovery feature. You can record videos or feeds in real-time. If you are not familiar with the amazing things a network video recorder can do for you, don’t worry at all. When you come at Imagetech Solution, you will be assisted by a team of NVR specialists who can help you with understanding the NVR features and also help you pick the right system for your IP surveillance network.


The Grandstream Network Video Recorders GVR series comprises of Grandstream GVR3552 and GVR 3350. Both NVR products offer large storage capability, better extra features and much more.

grandstream GVR3552


The GVR3552 can record videos of up to 4TB and store the records in its internal storage. Plus, it offers automatic discovery of Grandstream IP Cameras, HD audio/video real-time recording and more. Datasheet

grandstream GVR3550


The GVR3550 offers a complete solution to network video recording and monitoring. The device is recommended for both residential users and businesses. Datasheet