Grandstream’s IP video phones for android extend the video calling experience to desktops
while offering tablet like functionality and web access.

IP Video Phones For Android in Pakistan

Grandstream’s IP video phones for Android deliver a lifelike calling experience. Yes, you heard it right! You always wanted to take your business telephony experience to the next level. You always tend to look for solutions that can help you make business communication less virtual but more lifelike. Here, what you really needed was an IP video telephony system. Fortunately, Grandstream IP video phones for Android are the best business tool that can meet all your needs.

Grandstream video phones are an essential need of the day because of remote workforce and the trend of on the go online discussions or meetings. If you also have a remote workforce or want to conduct quick meetings or discussions with recipients who are always on the go, the Grandstream IP video telephony solution will be the best suited for you. Get in touch with our IP video phones for android experts in Pakistan who can give you a better recommendation on the equipment that best fits your business IP video telephony needs and hence help you save big.


When it comes to Grandstream IP android phones in Pakistan, you can expect a range of top-quality and cutting-edge technological wonders such as the GXV3240 and the GXV3275. Both types of equipment are built to meet the needs of your business in an efficient way.

grandstream GXV3275


This 7-inch touch screen with 6 lines IP phone is one of a kind. The phone offers Up to 6-way voice conferencing and 3-way video conferencing, 1024x600px capacitive touch screen and more.

grandstream GXV3240


This 4.3-inch touch screen with 6 line IP phone is great device with interoperability to a variety of third party video calling platforms. Plus, it offers compatibility with even IP cameras.