IMAGETECH Solution provides a complete line of affordable Grandstream’s HD IP cameras
in Pakistan as best video Surveillance solutions.

HD IP Cameras in Pakistan

You want an IP camera surveillance system for your home and office. Why? It is because you understand that you need a surveillance solution that can help you monitor the location without bounds. You don’t need to be always present on the premise or near your system for surveillance. You can do effective monitoring on your mobile regardless of your location. Right…?

Well, Grandstream HD IP cameras are built just for that so that you can have a peace of mind when you are away from your home or office. Imagetech Solution is the IP camera distributor of Grandstream in Pakistan. For many years, we have been recommending best IP camera security systems for homes and offices and in fact installing them in the right locations. Moreover, our IP cameras offer great resolution images, fastest feeds, recording and more. IP cameras are the need of the day. Therefore, don’t put your home or office business at risk. Use only the best HD IP camera security system and protect your property for good.



At Imagetech Solution, we have the best range of high definition IP cameras that offer top-notch infrared, multi-streaming rate, best cameras and zoom capability, weather-proof and more.

grandstream GXV3674 v2 series

GXV3674 v2 series

The HD IP camera offers a powerful pack of amazing features that meet the unique needs of the users such as variable focus lens, multi-streaming rate real-time H.264, etc.

grandstream GXV3672 v2 series

GXV3672 v2 series

The IP cameras offer weatherproof assurance along with top-class infrared sensors. The cameras are built for settings where bad weather and unfavorable light conditions are a problem.

grandstream GXV3662


Offering high durability, these cameras are not just weatherproof but also vandal-proof and tamperproof. It is the best option for outdoor places where crime and bad weather are a concern.

grandstream GXV3611IR_HD


It is an indoor Infrared (IR) fixed dome IP camera. Its powerful HD 2.8mm lens lets you ensure 100% efficient monitoring of nearby people and movements in indoor.

grandstream GXV3610 v2 series

GXV3610 v2 series

A weatherproof dome IP camera featuring powerful infrared sensors with a High-Definition 3.6mm lens. It is a perfect wide-angle camera that is best for monitoring nearby movements.