Extension Modules

The Grandstream extension module in Pakistan is ideal for corporate desks that require high volume
of call receiving, answering and forwarding.

Extension Modules in Pakistan

It is a dilemma for every business to handle large volumes of calls without any inconvenience. Either the phones don’t come with enough power to handle such pressure or the person managing it. However, with Grandstream extension modules in Pakistan even a first-timer can handle or manage large number of calls and add more contacts to the list pretty easily. The module is pretty easy to use and it comes with programmable keys and easy page switching feature. Moreover, our extension modules are highly compatible with all the other IP phones in Pakistan.

GXP Series

The powerful extension modules series of Grandstream, the GXP series include the Grandstream GXP2200EXT that is more than enough for organizations of any size and sector to manage their contacts and handles a large number of calls.

GXP2200EXT Expansion Module

GXP2200EXT Expansion Module

GXP2200 is a backlit LCD extension module that features 20 dual-colored programmable keys with added 2 keys for page switching.