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After GXP2100 and GXP3200 series IP Phones, IMAGETECH Solution offers Grandstream's GXP2200 series IP phones extension module in Pakistan.

Grandstream latest IP phones’ LCD extension module features up to 160 dual-coloured speed dial/BLF (Busy Lamp Field) keys, along with intercom, call parking and call pick-up functionalities. The extension module is ideal for corporate desks that require high volume of call receiving, answering and forwarding. The extension is supported by Grandstream’s Enterprise IP phones series: GXP2140, GXP2170 and GXV3240.


GXP2200 is a backlit LCD extension module that supports Grandstream’s select enterprise IP phones. It features 20 dual-coloured programmable keys with added 2 keys for page switching. Each page lists 20 contacts, i.e., 40 contacts in total. Users can connect up to 4 modules increasing the total up to 160 contacts. Added features include busy lamp field, call parking, intercom, speed dial, and more. The extension is fairly easy to install and best recommended for executives, receptionists and people who handle volumes of calls every day.

  • 20 programmable dual-colour .
  • buttons per module.
  • 2 pages per module (40 contacts total).
  • BLF (Busy lamp field)/ Speed dial.
  • Daisy chain up to 4 modules for up to 160 contacts/extensions.
  • BLA (bridged line appearance) /SCA (shared call appearance), BLF (busy lamp field, standard or even list), Call Park/Pick up, Speed Dial, Presence, Intercom and conference/transfer/forward and more.